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06-12-2020Added to Mucuna literature listing: Acevedo-Rodriguez, 2005
06-12-2020Added book listing for Catalog of Seed Plants of the West Indies
05-28-2020Added photos for Bloodwood
01-03-2019Added photos for Laurelwood
01-03-2019Added photos for Starnut Palm
06-30-2018Added page for "What happened to Cathie's copy of the World Guide"
06-29-2018Updated Photo Use Policy
06-29-2018Updated page for Mucuna holtonii, the Black Hamburger Bean
06-16-2018Updated page for Andira galeottiana, Donovan's Brain / Brain Fruit / Brain Bean
06-5-2018Added Mucuna taxonomic literature by Piper & Tracy. 1910
05-17-2018Added Mucuna taxonomic literature by Leeratiwong et al. 2018.; A new Indian record for Mucuna acuminata
05-17-2018Added Mucuna taxonomic literature by Swaroopsingh et al. 2018. A new species: Mucuna yadaviana
03-28-2016Added Mike Ley's: Desirable Sea Beans of South Texas Beaches
02-19-2016Added Mucuna monticola, to the Mucuna research section
02-11-2016Added page for the Black Hamburger Bean (Mucuna holtonii)
02-11-2016Added page for the Burny Bean (Mucuna gigantea)
02-11-2016Updated page for Antidote Vine (Fevillea cordifolia)
02-08-2016Added Mucuna mutisiana, to the Mucuna research section
11-30-2015Added Added and corrected page for (Mucuna mutisiana)
10-13-2015Added Coralbean (Erythrina herbacea), to the Sea-Bean ID Guide
09-26-2015Added Wood Rose (Merremia tuberosa), to the Sea-Bean ID Guide
09-25-2015Created Art: Driftwood and Driftseed Collage Sculptures
09-21-2015Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sept. 2015, vol. 21(2)
09-11-2015Posted 20th Annual Symposium (2015) schedule, speaker bio, etc.
07-21-2014Added photos and measurements for new seeds of: Mucuna sp. #004
06-14-2014Added: "Yellow Nickarbeans
03-24-2014Added Audubon video: "What is Coastal Wrack" (also on the videos page)
02-01-2014Added flower photos for Mucuna elliptica
01-17-2014Added section for Mucuna Research documents & photos
08-30-2013Added flower and pod photos to Cathie's Bean, Canavalia nitida
08-28-2013Posted 18th Annual Symposium (2013) schedule, speaker bio, and T-shirt design
08-02-2013Added flotation test data to Cathie's Bean, Canavalia nitida
08-01-2012Added Bull's Eye (Dioclea sp. 002) to the "Guide"
07-22-2013Added photos of Large Flat Dioclea unidentified seeds
07-18-2013Added photos of the inside of Mango, Mangifera indica seeds
05-17-2013Added Sea-Beans by Location: Florida
04-22-2013Added Video: Kris shows how to drill a sea-bean using a Dremel drill press
03-24-2013Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec 2012, vol. 18(3)
10-18-2012Posted Photos for the 17th Annual Sea-Bean Symposium
09-20-2012Added Sea-Bean display for Curry Hammock State Park
09-04-2012Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sept. 2012, vol. 18(2)
07-17-2012Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2012, vol. 18(1)
05-19-2012Added Teaching page
03-24-2012Added Smooth Porcupine Seed (Caryocar glabrum), to the Sea-Bean ID Guide
03-24-2012Added Porcupine Seed (Caryocar sp.), to the Sea-Bean ID Guide
12-24-2011Added Seedy Seafarers to Journal & Magazine Articles on Sea-Beans
12-09-2011Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec. 2011, vol. 17(3)
12-03-2011Added Thick-Banded Mucuna (Mucuna elliptica) to the "Guide"
09-12-2011Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sept. 2011, vol. 17(2)
09-03-2011Posted 16th Annual Symposium (2011) schedule and T-shirt design
06-04-2011Added Business Cards
05-14-2011Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2011, vol. 17(1)
01-27-2011Added How to Collect and Care for Sea-Beans
01-15-2010Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec. 2010, vol. 16(3)
10-17-2010Added Sea-bean videos on YouTube to the Community pages
09-27-2010Added Semilla Designs to Jewelry examples
09-25-2010Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sept. 2010, vol. 16(2)
09-10-2010Posted 15th Annual Symposium (2010) schedule and T-shirt design
07-27-2010Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2010, vol. 16(1)
06-6-2010Travels with Mr. Seabean: Sabah, Borneo
05-08-2010Added scripts to support Google Analytics
05-01-2010Implemented RSS Feeds
04-30-2010Travels with Mr. Seabean: Borneo Island, Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam
04-24-2010Travels with Mr. Seabean: Nias Island, Indonesia
03-6-2010The whole website was converted to Active Server Page (ASP) coding.
02-16-2010Added Sacoglottis gabonensis (Bitter Bark Tree) to the Guide section.
02-15-2010Added Sea-Bean Spinning Top to the Games section.
02-06-2010Began hosting Izumi's "Travels with Mr. Seabean" on this website.
01-23-2010Added Japan Driftological Society to the Community page
12-19-2009Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec. 2009, vol. 15(3)
11-12-2009Added several links to John Batchelder's blog site, Beach Beans,
on my Community page, Gallery Links, and Location/Texas page
10-17-2009Added photos for the 2009 Symposium
10-17-2009Added Schrunchie Beads to "Other Things that Float"
10-15-2009Added link to Red Mangrove article, featuring Nan Rhodes of Beachbeans.com
10-02-2009Added Red Hamburger Bean (Mucuna urens) photos of flowers to the "Guide"
09-26-2009Posted Sea-Bean Community and Calendar - Sea-Bean Contacts and Events
09-19-2009Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sept. 2009, vol. 15(2)
09-11-2009Posted 2009 Sea-Bean Symposium Schedule
06-21-2009Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2009, vol. 15(1)
01-18-2009Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec. 2008, vol. 14(3)
12-28-2008Added Search - use Google to search www.seabean.com
10-13-2008Added Wrack Wear - Clothing enhanced with SeaBean embroidery and items from the Wrack
09-15-2008Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Sep. 2008, vol. 14(2)
09-09-2008Added Florida Beach Basics - a DVD and six UV-coated reference cards
09-05-2008Listed journal article "Andy Brandt - Sea Beans and Art" - from the July 2008 issue of All At Sea
06-14-2008Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2008, vol. 14(1)
05-31-2008Added Sea-Beans of the Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata
03-19-2008Added Two articles by Steve Gibbs, of www.Keysnews.com - Sea-beaning the Florida Keys
12-29-2007Added Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) to the "Guide"
12-23-2007Added Bajugo Warrior Doll to the good luck section of "Folklore"
10-06-2007Added Jamaican Naval Spurge (Omphalea diandra) to the "Guide"
10-06-2007Added Crinum Lily (Crinum americanum) to the "Guide"
09-15-2007Added Brainfruit, Donovan's Brain or Brain Bean (Andira galeottiana) to the "Guide"
09-02-2007Added Hog Plum (Spondias mombin) to the "Guide"
09-02-2007 Added photos for Tropical Almond, Terminalia catappa
09-01-2007 Added book: Guppy, H.B.; Observations of a naturalist in the Pacific between 1896 and 1899.
08-09-2007 Added first of the "Folklore" series of pages: Sulawesi War Vest
08-01-2007 Added photos of Beach and Sea-Bean display at Blowing Rocks Preserve
07-14-2007Added book: Florida's Living Beaches: A Guide for the Curious Beachcomber
by Blair and Dawn Witherington
07-14-2007Added Soapberry (Sapindus saponaria) to the "Guide"
07-08-2007 Added "group photo" to Canavalia nitida - Cathie's Bean
07-03-2007Added About the Seabean Website - general coverage and background info
06-16-2007Added Little Marble (Oxyrhynchus volubilis) to the "Guide"
05-20-2007Added Unidentified Dioclea(?) - it sprouted!
05-19-2007Added Red Horse Eye Bean (Ormosia coutinhoi) to the "Guide"
05-19-2007Added Sea-Bean Sanding Kit for sale
05-11-2007Added photos of a sea-bean display by the Royal Horticultural Society, London
05-10-2007Added photos of seed pods of the Gray Hamburger Bean, Mucuna sloanei
05-06-2007Added photos of flowers of the Gray Hamburger Bean, Mucuna sloanei
04-30-2007Added photos of fresh (non-drifted) Baobab (Adansonia_digitata)
04-30-2007Added Spirula spirula to the "Other Things that Float" page
04-21-2007Added Mancala Game Boards
02-17-2007Added 2nd cover image for Lionnet, "Coco de Mer, Romance of a Palm"
02-09-2007Updated How to Polish Sea-beans... updated tumbling; new: polishing with sandpaper!
01-26-2007Added book: Tropical Driftseeds of the Netherlands by Brochard and Cadee
01-21-2007Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - December 2006, vol. 12(3)
11-18-2006Added Black Sea-Biscuit Bean, (Poupartia amazonica) to the "Guide"
10-28-2006Updated Sales page to include Nan Rhodes' new website
10-27-2006Added Thorns and Prickles to the "Other Things that Float" page
09-24-2006Added Tobago to Seabeans by Location
09-15-2006Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Vol. 12(2); Sept. 2006
08-30-2006Updated "How to Grow" page with links and additional text
08-13-2006Updated Journals and Magazines - enhanced National Geographic listing: Saga of Sea Beans
08-09-2006Added "LightSticks" or "GlowSticks" - to "Other Things That Float"
08-05-2006Updated "Help Us With IDs" - now separates individual requests
07-30-2006Updated "How to Grow" page with photo of sanding process
06-10-2006Added Yellow Nickarnut (Caesalpinia sp.) to the "Guide"
06-04-2006Added interior of Antidote Vine to "Why Sea-Beans Float" page
06-04-2006Updated "Guide" page for: Antidote Vine (Fevillea cordifolia)
06-04-2006Added "Sea-Beans Texas, USA", with excursion photogallery
05-10-2006Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - May 2006, vol. 12(1)
05-22-2006Added "Sea-Beans of the Bahamas" - Windermere Island
01-05-2006Added sea-bean display photos for GTMNERR
01-01-2006Added flower & seed photos for Railroad Vine (Ipomoea pes-caprae)
12-31-2005New pages: Moonflower, White | Railroad Vine | Sales | Displays
12-28-2005Added photos for the 2005 symposium
12-23-2005Posted The Drifting Seed Newsletter - Dec. 2005, vol. 11(3)
11-12-2005Added flower photos for Beach Pea (Canavalia rosea)

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