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On this site, sales of sea-bean related items are handled in three different ways:

1. Items I provide directly to you, for a donation to support
  • Book: The Little Book of Sea-Beans and Other Beach Treasures by Cathie Katz and Paul Mikkelsen
  • All donations for this book supports this website and promotes knowledge of sea-beans
  • Book: Australian Driftseeds by Jeremy Smith
  • I purchased Australian Driftseeds to save you the hassle of overseas purchases.
    I provide them to you at about what it costs me to get them here (Florida, USA), plus my postage to you.

    2. Web pages I support for the sale of items by other individuals
  • Cathie Katz's "The Nature of Florida" series of books - for sale by Sunburst Books
  • "Florida Beach Basics" - a DVD with six UV-coated reference cards and more, from Still Nature
  • Jewelry - Examples of products from several vendors of sea-bean jewelry.

  • 3. Other websites to visit, for sales of sea-beans and related items
    Jewelry: [see also: Jewelry Examples for sale]
  • - Fine gifts of highly polished seahearts and "Legend of the Seahearts" booklet.
  • Semilla Designs - Seed Jewelry
  • Naturally Beautiful Art - by Suzanne L. Noel
  • The Eclectic Ocean - "Ocean Inspired Adornment" by Sherri Bryant (sea-bean necklaces and matching earrings)

  • Sea-Beans (note that these sources may be more expensive than others not listed... e.g., eBay):
  • Graines du Monde - Seeds of the World

  • Misc:
  • Driftwood & Driftseed Collage Sculptures - by Suzanne L. Noel
  • Sea-Bean Keepsake Box - from Wayne's Word!

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