NATURE BOOKS by Cathie Katz

The following books are excellent sources of information and fun!

  • "The Nature of Florida" series:

  • The Nature of Florida's Beaches.  ©1995

    TheNature of Florida's Waterways.  ©1996

    The Nature of Florida's Neighborhoods.  ©1997

    The Nature of Florida's Ocean Life.  ©1998

  • Nature A Day At A Time.  ©2000

  • The Little Book of Sea-Beans and Other Beach Treasures. ©2000

  • Beaches and Beyond: Science and Spirit from the Sea (unpublished)

  • "The Nature of Florida" ...a four book series by Cathie Katz
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    The Nature of Florida's
    Ocean Life
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    The Nature of Florida series by Cathie Katz is no ordinary set of nature books. They're a celebration of Florida's Neighborhoods, Waterways, Oceans, Beaches, and the things one encounters when knocking about outdoors. And there's no ho-hum to these natural history renderings- the art of Cathie Katz is spiced with enthusiasm, reverence, imagination, and wit!

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    A Day At A Time
    An Uncommon Look at Common Wildlife"

    by Cathie Katz

    This book is available in all bookstores
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      From the Introduction:
    "When we say "That's just my nature," we're saying much more than we realize. The behaviors tham make up our nature --- eating, sleeping, loving, mating, creating, talking, wandering, migrating, yearning, grieving, deceiving, dreaming --- are as much a part of human biology as color, size, sex, and shape."
    When we started our early years with instincts and intuitions that didn't exactly make sense (or they were criticized or we were taught to overcome them), we learned to hide them, and then to bury them. --- Being told to get out of bed on time for school was so hard ... eating when we weren't hungry didn't make sense ... craving sex with the wrong person felt so right."
    Format: Hardcover, 384pp.; ISBN: 1578050502
    Publisher: Sierra Club Books

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    "The Little Book of Sea-Beans and Other Beach Treasures"
    by Cathie Katz and Paul Mikkelsen

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    "The Little Book of Sea-Beans and other Beach Treasures" is indeed little: a pocket-size (2.75" x 4.0") beach companion designed to be carried with you as you scour the beaches for beans and whatever you may consider a "treasure". It is an 80 page softcover book, entirely black and white, with information and illustrations (by Cathie Katz and Pamela Paradine) of about 40 sea-beans and a variety of other "beach treasures"...   those you are most likely to find on semi-tropical shores, particularly of the Western North Atlantic Ocean. Discover the "magic" of sea-beans from Cathie's eyes and learn about ocean currents and how they carry things like sea-beans, toys and shoes! Some of the more common sea life washed ashore is also presented and discussed.

    Softcover, 80pp.;  ISBN: 1-888025-12-3

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    "Beaches and Beyond: Science and Spirit from the Sea"  by Cathie Katz

    "Beaches and Beyond: Science and Spirit from the Sea" was being prepared when Cathie passed away on November 22, 2001. The book was initiated but today remains unfinished.
    "I loved the urgency. I loved the compelling nature of the days. I was luckier than anyone deserved --- To have this joy of living fully for the 1st time, day after day without knowing how many days were left. It made each one the biggest, best, and brightest I'd ever experienced."
    Cathie Katz, from her unfinished book, "Beaches and Beyond".

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