The following items are some games and funstuff to do with sea-beans.
Look out! ...some can be educational too!

Sea-Bean Collage
Name That Bean!

This is a page containing a graphic collage of sea-beans where you can
guess the name and then be informed of what it is by pointing to the bean.

Sea-Bean Spinning Top

For more info, click here!

Coloring Page
This is a "one-page coloring book" created by Pete Zies.

It is 0.57 MB in filesize, and in Adobe pdf format
(requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader);
also available in jpg graphic format (0.13 MB).
Coloring Page

Board Game: Island Wari or Mancala
Island Wari Often referred to as Mancala and Ourri in Africa, and Sungka in the Philippines, the game is played with Nickarnuts on a rectangular board with a row of 6 cuplike depressions or wells on each side and a larger well at each end. Game rules and variations are included on this site.
Download a shareware version of the Mancala (aka Wari) game at ImageSoft.
Mancala information at Wayne's Word: Island Wari & Mancala.
An online version of "Mancala provided by

A wide variety of Mancala boards are shown on the page for
Mancala and "Count and Capture" Boards"

This link, for Anxient Board Games, has a section for Mancala.

Sea-Bean Word Search Puzzle
The following puzzle is compliments of Discovery School's PuzzleMaker

This Sea-Bean Common Names Word Search puzzle contains 34 words pertaining to sea-beans.
Load the puzzle in your web browser and then print it out.

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