Want to know what other beaners are doing?
Want to find other sea-beaners?
Feel alone? Are you 500+ miles from the shoreline?
Wondering if there are other beaners in your area?

This page provides some leads on how to connect with other sea-beaners!

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See also: Sea-bean videos on YouTube

contact info - www.seabean.com and associates
SEABEAN-L - A Sea-bean Listserve, open communication about sea-beans. Post your questions, ideas, knowledge, discoveries, etc. to "the list" so that others may help you, you may help others, and all will benefit, learn, and simply enjoy the discussions.
Flotsametrics and the Floating World - All things Curtis Ebbesmeyer! ...his new book, his travels, presentations, and links to videos about things washing ashore.
Sea Beans - A place for people to share all things sea-bean... your special finds, their ID, their source, their travels, their beauty, and the plants that they produce. Created by Martha Wolfe
Japan Driftological Society - With Japan surrounded by the sea, this group of people are interested in all things that drift.
[English translation: JDS home page]

Note: for folks not fluent in Japanese, copy the URL from any of the JDS pages, then open Translate.Google.com and paste the URL into the form provided; choose to translate from Japanese to whatever...  voila!
Space Coast Beach Buzz - blog about beach-realeted items and issues on Florida's "Space Coast".
Blog The Beach - blog about all of Florida's Beaches. Created by David McRee.
flickr Sea Bean Collectors - a place to post images and have discussions about sea-beans.
flickr Mr. Bean's Travels - Think "Mr. Bean" just travels the ocean currents? Think again! The beach was just his first stop! Visit this site to see all the places that Mr. Bean has travelled to.
Travels With Mr. Seabean - The documented and illustrated travels with Izumi Hanno and her guide, Mr. Seabean.
"Beach Beans" blog by John Batchelder. This blog site has great stories and excellent photos of sea-beans, primarily from Texas (USA). Simply peruse the site or use it for help with identifications!

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