Photo and Illustration Use Policy
ALL photos and illustrations on this website are copyrighted.
Use of ANY photo or illustration without explicit written permission is prohibited.

Any photos or illustrations displayed on this website may not be used without
explicit, written permission from the owner of this website or the photographer.

Want to use a photo or illustration?    ...contact me:

Ask for permission, and it will likely be granted!
Steal a photo or illustration and you may be subject to legal prosecution.

Photos and Illustrations

  • ALL photos and graphics (e.g., illustrations) on this website are copyrighted... "All rights reserved."

  • No photo may be used without explicit written permission of the owner of the website or the photographer.

  • All photos and/or illustrations on this site that do not have credit displayed are the property of the website owner.

  • Please contact me if you'd like to use one of these photos or illustrations.

  • All photos which have credits displayed remain the property of the photographer listed.

  • I can either request permission from the photographer, on your behalf, or I can put them in contact with you.

  • Be advised that my photos, or those of other individuals, displayed on this site may be available elsewhere on the internet
  • Note that regardless of their location they are copyrighted by THIS website.
    Other sites MAY have permission for their use, while some sites may have stolen the photos for their use.

  • Beginning with January 1, 2015, all copyrighted photos from this website may be used by others, IF:
  • They have written permission from the owner this website or the photographer.
    They display credits to the source of the photo; for example:
    "Photo used with written permission of [supply photographer's name]"
    "Photo used with written permission of www.seabean.com"
    You must attribute the work in the manner specified, but not in any way that suggests endorsement.
    You may not use a photo for commercial purposes unless explicit permission is granted by the photographer or copyright owner to do so.


  • Ebay sellers:   Be advised that using ANY photos on an ebay web page is contrary to Ebay policy, unless the photo is your own or you have permission from the owner of the photo.
  • Ebay's "Image and text Policy":    http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/image-text.html
    It clearly states: "We don't allow our members to use images—including photos and other pictures—or text they didn't create themselves. The only exception to this policy is if the owner of the image or text, its agent, or the law has authorized the member to use the text or images."

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    ALL photos © www.seabean.com or other photographers individually credited.
    Use of ANY photo without written permission is prohibited!