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What is a Sea-bean Symposium?

Each year (since 1996), at the height of the sea-bean season, a group called The Drifters gather for the International Sea-Bean Symposium. There are displays, a BEAN-A-THON contest, speakers, presentations, door prizes, raffles and sea-bean identification slide shows. The public is invited (and encouraged!) to attend. The event is free, and fun for everyone!

Although sea-beans are the focus of the symposium, various disciplines (oceanography, botany, ecology) are involved in an effort to determine and document the many sources of sea-beans, their paths (influenced by ocean currents, winds, and storms), and the duration of their travels (sometimes for many years!). Various other forms of oceanic life that may wash ashore are also discussed, as are many other types of floating "stuff" such as message bottles, glass floats, Leggo® toys, and Nike® sneakers. Several books are availble for sale, including Cathie Katz's Nature of Florida series and Little Book of Sea-Beans and Other Beach Treasures.

Who are The Drifters?

"The Drifters" is a worldwide network of scientists, botanists, oceanographers, naturalists, authors and beachcombers who gather to exchange information about the beach and ocean. "The Drifters" was named in 1996 by Rita Crane, a dedicated beachwalker from Dunedin, Florida.

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