International Sea-Bean Symposium
18th Annual International Sea-Bean Symposium
and Beachcombers' Festival
Study and Trade Sessions (STS-1 and STS-2)


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Sea-Bean Symposium - Mucuna & Diocla "Study & Trade Sessions"
("STS" in keeping with the space coast themes!)

Much confusion exists with identification of Mucuna spp. (Hamburger Beans) and Dioclea spp. (Sea Purses).
If you are as confused as I am, then we need to chat!

The variety, variability, intra- and inter-specific variability of seeds can only be appreciated and better
understood when LOTS of seeds can be observed.

The Sea-Bean Symposium is an ideal way to see hundreds of seeds at once...
and maybe (i.e., MAYBE!) make some progress with troublesome identifications and perhaps trade a few seeds.

I've set up an opportunity for people to see, show, and optionally share/trade their Mucuna and Dioclea seeds.
This will be at the symposium, in the Library's "Captain's Room" on:
"STS-1" Friday 3:00 to 3:45 for Mucuna   with possible "follow-up" session 5:00 to 5:45

"STS-2" Saturday 9:30 to 10:30 for Dioclea   with possible immediate "extension" of the session to 11:00

Although this schedule avoids conflict with all presentations, other times are available
(Fri. 1:30+ and any time Sat.) and may be utilized if desired.

Invitations are "open"... no sign-up. Just come with LOTS of Mucuna and Dioclea to participate or simply come to watch
and perhaps learn. I say "perhaps" because more than likely we'll generate more questions than we answer...
hopefully, we'll answer a few questions or at least make progress on some.

At each session (and maybe follow-up meetings after each session), I'd like to focus on seeds of Mucuna or Dioclea,
depending on the session.

Time is tight, and divergence to other seeds/genera will be unproductive... at least to the task at hand.

1. Do some homework... separate your seeds as best you can.
2. Bring seeds in see-thru zip-type bags (to perhaps pass around for viewing) and/or bring trays to dump
a bunch of seeds into for examination.

3. Label your seeds!
(a) a genus & species name, if you have one or want to venture a guess ...do some homework!

(b) where the seeds are from (collected or purchased)

(c) make sure YOUR NAME is associated with your seeds ...so that you get them back!!!!

4. Bring LOTS of seeds! If you have "tons" of one type, bring 'em all.
If you got only one or two of that oddball bean, bring 'em!

1. Mucuna: There's two types (species?) of Red Hamburger bean, Mucuna urens...
one "regular" size and one "large" size; are they the same species??? Are there intergrades? Bring your Reds!

2. Dioclea: Firmly establish, if possible, what is D. reflexa and D. wilsonii
...and document their variability.

With this established, we'll be in a better position to determine what seeds are NOT these species,

and thus something else.

3. ___________?

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