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Undescribed Sacoglottis Endocarp
Sacoglottis cf. costata

Related to Sacoglottis amazonica and Sacoglottis gabonensis, this endocarp is rarely found along Florida shores, with only 9 records worldwide!
The following seed was collected by in Palm Beach County, Florida USA

Notice of this species was recently published:
Van der Ham, R., T. van Andel, L. Bucher, I. Hanno, T. Lambrechts, K. Linicome, P. Mikkelsen, J. Mina, B. Patterson, E. Perry, and M. Romance.
Furrowed blister pods stranded on northern Atlantic Ocean coasts represent an undescribed Sacoglottis (Humiriaceae)
endocarp most similar to the fossil Sacoglottis costata.
2015. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 9(1):137-147.

Sacoglottis cf costata
Side view of the seed from Palm Beach County.
Length = 67 mm (about 2.6 inches)

Sacoglottis cf costata  Sacoglottis cf costata
End views of the seed from Palm Beach County.
Diameter = 50 mm (about 2.0 inches)

The following seed was found on Lignumvitae Key, Florida.

Sacoglottis cf costata
Side view of the seed from Lignumvitae Key
Photos: M. Romance
Sacoglottis cf costata
Sacoglottis cf costata
End views of the seed from
Lignumvitae Key

Judie Clee found this specimen on Little Cayman Island, which may be the most southerly location of any of the specimens collected.
This is important because, due to prevailing currents, it establishes its source as being south of there.
Judie's 8/27/2015 note: "Iā€™m pretty sure this is one (?) ā€“ found on Little Cayman many years ago ā€“
and I also remember discussing them with Bob Patterson whom I believe has one from either Florida or Bermuda.
These three images: © Judie Clee.

The specimen on the left is the common Blister Pod,
Sacoglottis amazonica.

The specimen on the right was is of the unidentified Furrowed Blister Pod,
Sacoglottis cf costata. and was found by Mike Burnett on Texas (USA)
shores of the western Gulf of Mexico.

Photo © Mike Burnett

This Furrowed Blister Pod was found in Texas.

Photos: © Lisa Jeane Reznicek

Hans and John Wright

See also: Sacoglottis amazonica and Sacoglottis gabonensis

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