A Sea-Bean Guide: Orange Nickarbean (Caesalpinia ciliata)
A Sea-Bean Guide

Photo: Ed Perry
Orange Nickarbean
Caesalpinia ciliata

Common names:  Mato;   Small Yellow Nicker

Photo: Ed Perry

A 3-seeded, dried & opened pod and the adjacent leaves of Caesalpinia ciliata.
Photo: Ed Perry

Seed Pods of Caesalpinia ciliata.
Note the spinose nature of some pods (left) vs the nearly spineless nature of other pods (right).
Photos: Ed Perry

  • Identity of the Brown Nickarbean - by Ed Perry [Note: mentions Caesalpinia bonduc and C. ciliata and C. major]
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - image of a VERY BLACK seed in the U.S. National Seed Herbarium
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - USDA Plants Database
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - seeds and pods from the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - image of seeds and pods [another photo
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - images of flowers and immature pods and very immature (green) seeds
  • Caesalpinia ciliata - Encyclopedia of Life: flowers, leaves (note the rounded emarginate tips of oval leaflets!) & distribution map
  • "Vines and Climbing Plants of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands" by Redro Acevedo-Rodriguez (see pages 233-237)
  • Includes a key, descriptions & figs of Caesalpinia spp., including C. bonduc, C. ciliata, C. culebrae, C. decapetala, C. major, C. portoricensis.

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