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Email and Contact Info
How to contact "seabean" and associates

General Correspondence
This address will get to me, Paul, and I'll respond or forward your email to a more appropriate contact... or both! Examples: new sea-bean "finds", general questions, newsletter notification list, seabean symposium, sanding & polishing, growing sea-beans, business cards, etc.
LBSB sales
Contact Sam to order "The Little Book of Sea-Beans and Other Beach Treasures" (aka LBSB). She will fill the order and send you an invoice. For book details and ordering information, click here.
Book Sales (for "other" books)
Use this address to order "other" books... i.e., other than LBSB, the World Guide, and "Nature of Florida" series. In addition to LBSB, these "other" books are indicated with a red asterisk * on the books on sea-beans page.
Identification Help
Need help with identification of a sea-bean? ...contact Ed Perry (and attach a photo of your seed!), if you can't find an ID in the online Sea-Bean ID Guide pages or on the Image Gallery.
Drifting Seed Newsletter
Contact Ed Perry, for correspondence about the Drifting Seed Newsletter, its content, submission of articles, etc. To be added to the "Notification List" (see: Newsletters), please use the General Correspondence address at the top of this listing.
Website Issues
Use this address to report problems with this website, to suggest changes or additions, etc.

See also: Sea-Bean Community contacts.

Email contact information for other sites supported by seabean.com
See also: Sales

"Nature of Florida" books

Contact Chris & Rachael of Sunburst Books, to place orders for the "Nature of Florida" series of books by Cathie Katz
Florida Beach Basics
Contact Marge and Matt, to place orders for products promoted on "Florida Beach Basics".
Sea-Bean Jewelry, etc.
Contact Nan, to place orders for products on Sea-Beans From Exotic Lands, such as keychains, necklaces, hair schrunchies, and polished (tumbled) sea-beans, and more.
Sea-Bean Jewelry
Contact Patty, to place orders for products on Sea-Beans With Style, such as keychains and necklaces.
Sea-Bean Jewelry
Contact Zena, to place orders for products on Semilla Designs, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.
Sea-Bean Jewelry
Use contact form on website
Contact Sherri, to place orders for products on The Eclectic Ocean, such as necklaces and earrings.
SeaHeart gifts
Contact Richard, to place orders for products on www.SeaHeart.com, for example: talismans, necklaces, keychains, "Legend of the Seaheart" booklet, and more.

Note: Examples of the seabean jewelry from the above vendors can be see on the page Jewelry Examples.

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