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Sea-Bean Sanding Kit

Also see the web page for: How to Polish Sea-Beans by Hand Sanding
Some examples of sea-beans, before and after sanding.

The Sea-Bean Sanding Kit
can be obtained for $8.50 (contains 2 seahearts) or $10.00 (contains 4 seahearts)

(Note the new prices...     I was losing money at the old prices!)

Prices INCLUDE postage to destinations within the continental USA
All proceeds support this website and sea-bean education

2 seahearts ($8.50)
4 seahearts ($10.00)

12 sandpaper grits
2 pieces of each grit,
each piece 4.5 X 2.75 inches
Detailed (2 pages)
Instructions and tips.

Nicely Packaged

Delivered directly
to you!

What you get
  • Two seahearts ($8.50 option) OR four seahearts ($10.00 option)...
  • Pricing INCLUDES postage, typically about $3.50, to continental USA!
    Seeds are Entada gigas or Entada rheedii, or other species of Entada.
    Seeds are suitable for sanding (lacking major flaws) but may or may not be heart-shaped... probably not!

    The beans are not perfect; they may have minor ripples or discontinuities in their surface... you'll sand these away!

    The beans provided have been hand-selected from the lot... about half the beans examined are unsuitable for sanding.

    NOTE: Some beans, although "suitable" for sanding, will require more sanding than others.
  • 12 different grits of sandpaper!!!   ...TWO pieces of each grit (each piece approximately 4.5 X 2.75 inches)
  • I provide grits: 100, 150, 220, 280, 360, 500, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, AND (newly added!) 3000, all of high quality (P-grade) sandpapers. Sanding smooths things by scratching them! (oddly enough) Using the finer grits at the end of the process will leave finer scratches (likely unperceptably small!) and a more highly "polished" surface.

    The European (P-grade) sandpaper provided is waterproof (you can wet sand or dry sand) and is coated with silicon carbide abrasive particles. Silicon carbide is black and iridescent, and the grains are shard-shaped. It is harder and sharper than most aluminum oxides, making it the better choice for cutting hard materials; it is used to produce highly polished finishes (see full description on www.Taunton.com)

    The quantity of sandpaper provided is sufficient to sand 4 seahearts. Whether you buy 2 or 4 seahearts from me, you get the same amount of sandpaper. If you buy 2 seahearts, you'll have sandpaper to sand two of your own seahearts, or perhaps some other species of hard-shell sea-bean (aka "shinies") like Hamburgers, or Sea Purses, or Starnuts, or the not-so-shiny (until polished!) Sea Coconuts (aka "Golfballs").

  • Instruction sheet
  • This two-page document provides a reference on how (with tips to implement and pitfalls to avoid) to hand sand seahearts to an extremely high polish.

    How to Order
    Email me: Let me know how many Sea-Bean Sanding Kits you'd like, and how many seahearts
    in each sanding kit (2-seaheart kit for $8.50 or 4-seaheart kit for $10.00) and provide your mailing address.
    I'll mail the Sea-Bean Sanding Kit(s) that you selected and include an invoice with an address to send a check to.


    Great photos of hand polished (sanded) sea-beans - NOTE: Don't sand your fingers!!!

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