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Mucuna pruriens (L) DC, 1825

These species are NOT sea-beans or drift seeds, but are used commercially for animal feed.

The following images are of seeds planted July 30, 2006

Mucuna pruriens

Mucuna pruriens var utilis [formerly M. deeringiana]

Mucuna pruriens, 08-05-2006

Mucuna pruriens, 08-05-2006

Mucuna pruriens var utilis, 08-05-2006

Note the flush of purple common to the two varieties.

Mucuna pruriens root, 08-05-2006

Mucuna pruriens root closeup, 08-05-2006

Mucuna pruriens var utilis, 08-12-2006
younger leaves

Mucuna pruriens var utilis, 08-7-2006

Mucuna pruriens var utilis, 08-12-2006
older leaves

Mucuna pruriens, 08-12-2006

Mucuna pruriens, 08-7-2006

Mucuna pruriens, 08-12-2006

Mucuna pruriens leaves of mature plant; 07-03-2007

Mucuna pruriens; flowers always occurred in pairs at the base of the leaf stem; 07-03-2007

Mucuna pruriens flowers; 07-03-2007

Mucuna pruriens stamins and pistil; 07-03-2007
Note the thin and thick stamens and pistil shorter than the stamens.
[Stamins and pistil in right image manually separated to show component parts.]

Mucuna pruriens immature (still somewhat green) pod; 07-03-2007
Note the VERY characteristic longitudinal rib!

Mucuna pruriens mature pod; 07-03-2007

Mucuna pruriens opened, mature pod; 07-03-2007

Mucuna pruriens - single seed

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