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Taxonomic Literature on Mucuna spp.

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Adams, C.D.
1972. Flowering Plants of Jamaica.
Robert MacLehose and Company, Ltd.; University Press, Glasgow, Great Britain
[References Mucuna species: deeringiana, fawcettii, pruriens, sloanei, urens]

BHL Adanson, M.
1763. Familles des Plantes.
[OD: Mucuna mentioned on text pages 312, 313, and on index page 583]

Agostini, K.
2004. Pollination ecology of Mucuna sp nov (Fabaceae) from southeastern Brazil. [English abstract; also in Portuguese]
Biota Neotropica 4(2).
["OD": Mucuna sp.  ...not printed, but alludes to M. japira See: Tozzi et al, 2005.   References Mucuna species: japira, sloanei]

Agostini, K. and M. Sazima.
2006. Bird Pollination of Explosive Flowers While Foraging for Nectar and Catepillars.
Biotropica 38(5):674-678.
[References Mucuna species: japira, kraetkei, rostrata, urens]

Aitawade, M.M. and S.R. Yadav
2012. Mucuna sanjappae, a new species from the north-Western Ghats, India.
Advances in Legume Systematics. Part 2.
[OD: Mucuna sanjappae. References Mucuna species: pruriens]

Asprey, G. F. and R. G. Robbins
1953. The Vegetation of Jamaica.
Ecological Monographs 23(4):359-412.
[References Mucuna species: pruriens]


Burck, W.
1893. Contributions a la flore de l'archipel Malais. I. Les especes du genre Mucuna de l'Archipel Malais et de la Nouvelle Guinee
Annales de Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg. 11:183-190.
OD: Mucuna species: blumei, ceramensis, keyensis, lucidula, parvifolia, reticulata, wertheimii   References Mucuna species: albertisii, bennettii, biplicata, capitata, cyanosperma, gigantea, kraetkei, macrophylla, mollissima, monosperma, novo-guineensis, pruriens, prurita, urens, urentissima, utilis]

  Chashi, H., Y. Tateishi, and H. Ikeda
2012. Retypification of Mucuna japonica Nakai (Leguminosae).
Journal of Japanese Botany 87(6):365-374. [abstract available]
[References Mucuna species: japonica]

  Darwin, C. and Media Design Interactive (Firm)
1994. The new dictionary of the living world.
Farnum, Surrey, England S.l., MDI ; Distributed by Sony Electronic,: 1 computer disc 4 3/4 in.

Hammerton, J.
2003. Mucuna pruriens: weed, invasive, or multi-use crop for the Bahamas.
College of the Bahamas Research Journal 12:4-15.
[Includes table: "The Mucuna species of the Caribbean Region, including Florida and the Bahamas..."
References Mucuna species: aterrima, deeringiana, fawcettii, nivea, pachylobia, pruriens, pruriens var utilis, rostrata, sloanei, urens, utilis]

Hopkins, H. C. F. and M. J. G. Hoplkins
1993. Rediscovery of Mucuna macropoda (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae), and Its Pollination by Bats in Papua New Guinea.
Kew Bulletin 48(2):297-305.
[References Mucuna species: macropoda, schlechteri]

386 KB
Janzen, D. H.
1977. Variation in Seed Size within a Crop of a Costa Rican Mucuna andreana (Leguminosae).
American Journal of Botany 64(3):347-349.
[References Mucuna species: andreana]

Kajita, T., H. Ohashi, Y. Tateishi, C. D. Bailey and J. J. Doyle
2001. rbcL and Legume Phylogen with Particular Reference to Phaseoleae, Millettieae, and Allies.
Systematic Botany 26(3):515-536.
[References Mucuna species: macrocarpa, nigricans]

  Kalin Arroyo, M.T.
1981. Breeding systems and pollination biology in Leguminosae.
In: Polhill, R, M, , Raven, P, H ed(s). Advances in legume systematics. Kew, RBG. 723-769; illus. En Proceedings of the International Legume Conference, Kew, 24-29 July, 1978. Reproductive biology. Geog=1-7 Systematics: ANGIOSPERMAE (LEGUMINOSAE) [citation]

Krishnaraj, Moothedathu Venugopalan Nair & Narayanan Nair Mohanan
2012. Notes on the Identity and Status of two legumes. (Fabaceae Papilionoideae) from India.
Phytotaxa 66:13-20.
[References Mucuna species: pruriens var thekkadiensis is synonymized under pruriens var hirsuta. ]

Kuo, C., N. Chiu, C. Kuo, H. Tsay and C. Chen
2004. Anatomical studies on the Mucuna species native to Taiwan.
J. Chin. Med 15(1):47-59.
[References Mucuna species: gigantea, macrocarpa, membranacea, pruriens var utilis]

Léveillé, H. [actually: Augustin Abel Hector Léveillé]
1908. Le genre Mucuna en Chine.
Bulletin de la Société botanique de France. 55:407-409.
[OD: Mucuna Bodinieri, pg. 408. (See also: eFloras of China.); Mucuna martini, p. 409. References Mucuna species: championi, bodinieri, macrobotrys, martini, sempervirens]

Macbride, J.F.
1943. Leguminosae, Flora of Peru.
Publ. Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. Ser. 13(3/1): 1–506.
[ References Mucuna species (pp. 313-317): altissima, elliptica, huberi, inflexa, mapirensis, mitis, rostrata, sloanei, urens]

Moura, T.M.
2013. Filogenia de Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) e taxonomia das especies ocorrentes no continente Americano.
Tese (Docutorado) [Ph. D. thesis]. Campinas, Brasil: Instituto de Biologia, Universidade Estadual de Campinas.

Moura, T.M., R. Gereau, and G.P. Lewis
2014. Mucuna mooneyi (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae), a new species from Ethiopia.
Kew Bull. 70:32; 5 pp.
[OD: Mucuna mooneyi. References Mucuna species/var: melanocarpa, pesa, poggei]

Moura, T. M. and G.P. Lewis
2014. Taxonomic studies in the Mucuna poggei complex (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae).
Kew Bull. 69:9544; 9 pp.
[New Comb.: Mucuna occidentalis. References Mucuna species/var: glabrescens, occidentalis, pesa, poggei]

Moura, T. M., G.P. Lewis, V. F. Mansano and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2013. Three new species of Mucuna (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae: Phaseoleae) from South America.
Kew Bull. 68:143-150.
[OD: Mucuna argentea, M. cajamarca, M. klitgaardiae. References Mucuna species: argyrophylla, cuatrecasasii, elliptica, flagellipes, mitis,
sloanei, urens]


Moura, T. M., G.P. Lewis, V. F. Mansano and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2014. Taxonomic Studies in Mucuna Adans. (Legunminosae - Papilionoideae) from Peru.
Systematic Botany 39(3):884-896.
[OD: Mucuna pseudoelliptica. References Mucuna species: argentea, cajamarca, elliptica, klitgaardiae, mitis, mutisiana, pruriens, pseudoelliptica, rostrata, sloanei, urens.
Places fawcettii as a synonym of elliptica]

Moura, T. M., V. F. Mansano, R. Gereau and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2013. Mucuna jarocha (Leguminosae-Papilionoidae-Phaseoleae), a new species from Mexico.
Phytotaxa 89(1):43-46.
[OD: Mucuna jarocha, p. 44. References Mucuna species: argyrophylla, globulifera, holtonii, jarocha, monticola]

Moura, T. M., V. F. Mansano, B. M. Torke, G. P. Lewis and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2013. A Taxonomic Revision of Mucuna (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae: Phaseoleae) in Brazil.
Systematic Botany 38(3):631-637.
[OD: Mucuna analucianae, p. 632. References Mucuna species: analuciane, elliptica, eriocarpa, huberi, japira, mitis, pleuricostata,
pruriens, rostrata, sloanei, urens]

Moura, T. M., B. M. Torke, V. F. Mansano and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2012. A new combination for an endemic Hawaiian species of Mucuna (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae), with a key to the
Hawaiian taxa of the genus.
Kew Bull. 67:837-841.
[New Combination (comb. nov.): Mucuna persericea. References Mucuna species: bennettii, elegans, gigantea, miniata, novo-guineensis,
persericea, platyphylla, pruriens var utilis, sloanei, sloanei var persericea]

Moura, T. M., A. M. G. A. Tozzi, R. E. Gereau, V. F. Mansano and G. P. Lewis
2014. Proposal to reject the name Dolichos altissimus (Leguminosae Papilionoideae) thus protecting the name Mucuna gigantea.
Taxon 63(2):439.
[References Mucuna species: altissima, gigantea, urens]

Moura, T. M., A. M. G. A. Tozzi, V. F. Mansano and G. P. Lewis
2013. Lectotypification of names of Neotropical species of Mucuna (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae: Phaseoleae).
Taxon 62(2):391-393.
[References Mucuna species: andreana, inflexa, mitis, mollis, mutisiana, rostrata, sloanei, urens]

Moura, T. M., M. Vatanparast, A. M. G. A. Tozzi, F. Forest, M. Wilmot-Dear, M. F. Simon, V. F. Mansano, T. Kajita, and G. P. Lewis
2016. A molecular phylogeny and new infrageneric classification of Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) including insights from morphology and hypotheses about biogeography.
International Journal of Plant Sciences 177:76-89. [electronically published November 24, 2015]
[References Mucuna species: americana, argyrophylla, atropurpurea, bennettii, biplicata, birdwoodiana, calophylla, coriacea, cuneata, cyanosperma, diabolica, elmeri, flagellipes, gigantea, gigantea quadrialata, hassjoo, japira, lamellata, lamellata (paohwashanica), macrocarpa, manongarivensis, microphyllum, mollis, mollisima, mollissima (cyanosperma), mutisiana, neocaledonica, novo guinensis, paohwashanica, poggei, puriens var puriens, pruriens var utilis, pruriens var utilis (hassjoo), quadrialata, regnellii, rostrata, samarensis, sempervirens, sloanei, stans, stenoplax, ulei, urens.
Mentioned, but not included in the analysis are: argentea, cajamarca, cuatrecasasii, elliptica, klitgaardiae, pseudoelliptica]

Moura, T. M., M. Wilmot-Dear, M. Vatanparast, A.P. Fortuna-Perez, A. M.G.A. Tozzi, and G.P. Lewis
2016. A New Infrageneric Classification of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) Supported by Morphology, Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeography.
Systematic Botany 41(3):606-616. [published August 26, 2016]
[OD: subgenus Macrocarpa. References Mucuna species: americana, argyrophylla, atropurpurea, bennetti, biplicata, birdwoodiana, bodinieri, calophylla, castanea, collettii, coriacea, coriocarpa, corvina, cyanosperma, diabolica, elmeri, ferruginea, flagellipes, gigantea, gigantea quadrialata, hassjoo, japira, japonica, lamellata, longipedunculata, macrocarpa, manongarivensis, mairei, mollis, mollissima, mutisiana, neocaledonica, nova guineensis, pachwashanica, pachycarpa, poggei, pruriens, rostrata, samarensis, sempervirens, sloanei, stans, stenoplax, terrens, urens, wangii]

Moura, T. M., N.A. Zamora, B.M. Torke, V. de F. Mansano and A. M.G.A. Tozzi
2012. A New Species of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae-Phaseoleae) from Costa Rica and Panama.
Phytotaxa. 60:1-8.
[OD: Mucuna monticola, p. 2. References Mucuna species: killipiana, monticola, mutisiana]

Moura, T. M., N. A. Zamora, G. P. Lewis, V. de F. Mansano and A. M. G. A. Tozzi
2013. Mucuna globulifera (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae-Phaseoleae), a new species from Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.
Kew Bulletin 68(1):151-155.
[OD: Mucuna globulifera. References Mucuna species: mollis]

Natarajan, K., N. Narayanan and N. Ravichandran.
2012. Review on "Mucuna" - The Wonder Plant.
Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res. 17(1):86-93 [No. 18].
[Provides a list of 130 species of Mucuna, with notes on nutritional value and medicinal use; also included is a list of 14 "Indian Mucuna species".]

  Ohashi H. and Y. Tateishi
1976. Mucuna macrocarpa and Mucuna gigantea Leguminosae in Japan and Formosa.
Journal of Japanese Botany 51(6):161-168.
[Comb. Nov: Mucuna gigantea tashiroi; References Mucuna species: gigantea, irukanda var bungoensis, ferruginea var bungoensis,
macrocarpa, subferruginea, tashiroi]

Abstract: Comparative morphological studies were done on M. macrocarpa and M. gigantea. Other taxa compared for their morphology and distribution are: M. irukanda var. bungoensis, M. ferruginea var. bungoensis, M. subferruginea, M. membranacea, M. Tashiroi, M. gigantea ssp. gigantea and M. gigantea ssp. Tashiroi comb. et stat. nov. (M. Tashiroi Havata).

Parkinson, P.G.
1987. Adansons Generic Names for Seed Plants; Validation and Typification - Part 1 - Nomina Conservanda and Nomina Conservanda Proposita.
Taxon 36(1):81-87.
[References the genus Mucuna (as a "nomen conservandum" or conserved name, pg. 83-84) and Mucuna species: altissimus, lignosus, pruriens, urens]
See also: an extract (pages 83-84) from this paper with only the pertinent text regarding Mucuna in JPG or PDF formats.

Pathak, M.K. & M. Bhaumik
2004. Mucuna Sempervirens Hemsl. (Leguminosae Papilionoideae) - a new Report for Arunachal Pradesh.
Journal of The Bombay Natural History Society 101:331-332.
[References Mucuna species: japonica, mairei, sempervirens]
See also: an extract (pages 331-332) from this journal with only the pertinent text.

  Ruiz, L. K
2009. Sinopsis de las especies Colombianas de Mucuna (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae: Phaseoleae).
In: E. Forero (ed.), Estúdios en Leguminosas Colombianas II, pp. 387 – 417. Universidade Nacional Colombiana, Bogotá.
[OD: Mucuna cuatrecasasii Hern. Cam. & C. Barbosa ex L. K. Ruiz.]

Tateishi, Y. and H. Ohashi
1981. Eastern Asiatic Species of Mucuna (Leguminosae).
Bot Mag. Tokyo 94:91-105.
[References Mucuna species: gigantea, macrocarpa, membranacea, nigricans, sempervirens, tashiroi]

  Thothathri, K. and Ravikumar, S.
1997. A new variety of the tribal pulse, Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC., from the thekkady forest, Kerala.
Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 21:703-704.
[OD: Mucuna pruriens var thekkadiensis]

Tozzi, A. M. G. A., K. Agostini and M. Sazima
2005. A new species of Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae, Papilionidae, Phaseolae) from Southeastern Brazil,
with a key to Bazilian species.
Taxon 54(2):451-455.
[OD: Mucuna japira, p. 452. References Mucuna species: eriocarpa, huberi, japira, pluricostata, pruriens, rostrata, sloanei, urens]

Urban, I.
1908. Symbolae Antillanae seu Fundamenta Florae Indiae Occidentalis. Volumen V.
Symbolae Antillarum 5(3):1-555.
[OD: Mucuna fawcettii, p. 371-372. References Mucuna species: altissima, fawcettii, urens]

Verdcourt, B.
1970. Studies in the Leguminosae-Papilionoideae for the 'Flora of Tropical East Africa': II.
Kew Bulletin 24(2):235-307.
Stat Nov.: glabrialata; Comb. Nov.: coriacea irritans, gigantea quadrialata, poggei var pesa, poggei var glabrescens
References Mucuna species: coriacea, coriacea coriacea, melanocarpa, poggei, pruriens, rhynchosioides, stans.]

  Verdcourt, B.
1971. Mucuna.
Pp. 561–571 in Flora of East Tropical Africa, Leguminosae (part 4) subfamily Papilionoideae 2.

Verdcourt, B.
1978. Miscellaneous Notes on New Guinea Leguminosae: Archidendron and Mucuna.
Kew Bulletin 33(1):125-126.
[OD: Mucuna gigantea plurisemina, p. 126. References Mucuna species: gigantea, plurisemina]

Verdcourt, B.
1978. New Taxa of Leguminosae from Papua New Guinea.
Kew Bulletin 32(2):455-473.
[OD: Mucuna hooglandii, p. 459. References Mucuna species: albertisii, brachycarpa, canaliculata, cyanosparmae, gigantea, hooglandii,
lamii, novo-guineensis, pruriens, stanleyi]

  Verdcourt, B.
1979. A manual of New Guinea legumes.
Botany Bulletin (Papua New Guinea. Division of Botany); No. 11. Office of Forests, Division of Botany, Lae, 645 pp.

Verdcourt, B.
1980. A Note on Mucuna schlechteri Harms (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae - Phaseoleae).
Kew Bulletin 34(3):521-525. [abstract available]
[References Mucuna species: canaliculata, gigantea, lamii, lane-poolei, schlechteri, stanleyi]

Verdcourt, B.
1980. New Taxa of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) from East Africa and Australia.
Kew Bulletin 35(4):743-752.
[OD: Mucuna diabolica kenneallyi, M. ferox, M. reptans.
References Mucuna species: diabolica, ferox, forbesii, kenneallyi, melanocarpa, pesa, poggei, pruriens, reptans]

Wallich, N.
1832. Plantae Asiaticae Rariores: or, Descriptions and figures of a select number of unpublished East Indian plants. London.
Pl. Asiat. Rar. 3:19.
[OD: Mucuna anguina.]

Watt, G. [and E. Thurston and T.N. Mukharji]
1891. Dictionary of the Economic Products of India. Vol. 5 (of 6), Linum to Oyster.
London; W.H. Allen and Co. 676 pp. [see pgs. 285-287]
[References "Mucuna species: cristata, monosperma, nivea, pruriens, utilis]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1984. A Revision of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) in China and Japan.
Kew Bulletin 39(1):23-65+ii.
[OD: Mucuna lamellata, p. 53. References Mucuna species: birdwoodiana, bodinieri, bracteata, calophylla, championii, gigantea, hainanensis,
hongkongensis, interrupta, macrobotrys, macrocarpa, membranacea, nigricans, pruriens, sempervirens, terrens, utilis]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1987. A Revision of Mucuna (Leguminosae : Phaseoleae) in the Indian Subcontinent and Burma.
Kew Bulletin 42(1):23-46.
[References Mucuna species: anguina, atropurpurea, bracteata, capitata, collettii, corymbosa, cristata, cyclocarpae, exserta, gigantea,
hirsuta, imbricata, macrocarpa, minima, monosperma, nigra, nigricans, nivea, pruriens vars hirsuta & pruriens & utilis, prurita, sempervirens]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1990. A Revision of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) in the Pacific.
Kew Bulletin 45(1):1-35.
[OD: Mucuna subumbellata, M. sloanei var persericea, , p. 8. References Mucuna species: bennettii, brachycarpa, elegans, gigantea, glabra, miniata,,
mollissima, neocaledonica, novoguineensis, platyphylla, pacifica, pruriens var utilis, stanleyi, sloanei var sloanei, subumbellata]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1991. Mucuna hainanensis Hayata subsp. multilamellata Wilmot-Dear --- A New Name for a Long-Known Taxon
(Leguminosae - Phaseoleae) and a Key to Related Species.
Kew Bulletin 46(2):205-212.
[OD: Mucuna hainanensis multilamellata. References Mucuna species: atropurpurea, biplicata, championii, cyclocarpa, hainanensis,
imbricata, interrupta, lamellata, macrobotrys, membranacea, monosperma, multilamellata, revoluta, stenoplax]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1991. A Revision of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) in the Philippines.
Kew Bulletin 46(2):213-251.
[OD: Mucuna diplax, M. pruriens sericophylla. References Mucuna species: acuminata, aurea, cochinchinensis, curranii, deeringiana, diplax,
foveolata, gigantea gigantea, gigantea plurisemina, hiananensis multilamellata, imbricata, longipedunculata, luzoniensis, lyonii, macmillanii,,
mindorensis, multilamellata, nigricans, nivea, pachycarpa, platyplekta, plurisemina, pruriens vars. pruriens & utilis & sericophylla, reticulata,
samarensis, stanleyi, sloanei, urens, utilis]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1991. Proposal to Reject the Name Citta nigricans Lour. (Fabaceae) and All Names Based on It.
Taxon 40(3):517-520.
References Mucuna species: bipicata, cordata, imbricata, interrupta, nigricans]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1992. A Revision of Mucuna (Leguminosae Phaseoleae) in Thailand, Indochina and the Malay Peninsula
Kew Bulletin 47(2):203-245.
[OD: Mucuna stenoplax, M. revoluta, M. thailandica. Placed in synonymy: Mucuna brevipes Craib.
References Mucuna species: acuminata, biplicata, bracteata, collettii, gigantea, gracilipes, hainanensis, hirsuta, hongkongensis, interrupta,
lucidula, macrocarpa, monosperma, nigricans, pruriens, revoluta, stenoplax, suberosa, thailandica, utilis, warburgii

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
1993. A New Species of Mucuna (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae) from Thailand, and a revised Key to the Species in Thailand, Indochina and the Malay Peninsula.
Kew Bulletin 48(1):29-35.
[OD: Mucuna oligoplax. References Mucuna species: acuminata, biplicata, birdwoodiana, bracteata, gigantea, gracilipes, hainanensis, interrupta,
macrocarpa, monosperma, oligoplax, pruriens var hirsuta & pruriens & utilis, revoluta, sempervirens, stenoplax, thailandica, warburgii]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
2008. Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae) in Thailand.
Thai Forest Bulletin (Bot) 36:114-139.
[References Mucuna species: acuminata, biplicata, bispicata, bracteata, capitata, cochinchinensis, gigantea, gracilipes, hainanensis, hongkongensis, imbricata, interrupta, macrocarpa, monosperma, multilamellata, nigricans, oligoplax, plurisemina, pruriens, pruriens var pruriens, pruriens var hirsuta, pruriens var utilis, revoluta, stenoplax, thailandica, warburgii]

Wilmot-Dear, C. M.
2009. Notes on Mucuna (Leguminosae Phaseoleae) in Thailand.
Kew Bulletin 64(3):579-580.
[References Mucuna species: gigantea, hainanensis, interrupta, macrocarpa, monosperma, oligoplax, revoluta, stenoplax, thailandica]

For Sale
Wilmot-Dear, C. M. and R. Sha
2010. IN: Flora of China. by Flora of China Editorial Committee and Wu Zhengyi.
Science Press (Beijing) and MBG Press (February 22, 2010).
[OD: hirtipetala.]

Woodson, R.E., R.W. Schery, J.D. Dwyer, W.G. D'Arcy, M.O. Dillon, P.S. White, M.E. Poston, P.R. Frantz,
D.R. Windler, L. McLaughlin, B.G. Schubert, R.H. Maxwell, D.B. Dunn, and J.A. Lackey
1980. Flora of Panama.
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 67(3):523-818.
[References Mucuna species: altissima, andreana, elliptica, holtonii, mutisiana, nigricans, pruriens, purita, rostrata, sloanei, urens, virgata]

Zamora, N.A. and Moura, T.M.
2014. Mucuna tapantiana (Fabaceae Faboideae Phaseoleae), a new species from Costa Rica.
Kew Bulletin 67(2); article no. 9490.
[OD: Mucuna tapantiana. References Mucuna species: argyrophylla, holtonii, globulifera, mollis, monticola]

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