A Sea-Bean Guide Seaheart (Entada gigas) Hamburger Bean (Mucuna sp.) Mary's Bean (Merremia discoidesperma) Hamburger Bean (Mucuna sp.) Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Sea Purse (Dioclea sp.) Antidote Vine (Fevillea cordifolia) Tropical Almond (Terminalia catappa)

Sea-Beans of Texas, USA

See also: Mike Ley's chart of "Desirable Sea Beans of Texas ...and the Probability of Finding Them". (Jan. 2018)
Compare the probability numbers on the above 2018 report with the previous Jan. 2016 version.

On May 18th, 2006, Nan Rhodes writes:

Fellow Beaners... Reporting in with a sea-bean count from the Texas Gulf Coast over the course of a two week camping trip...

...and numerous other hard-shells and interesting corkies that may or may not be in photo attached (cabbagebark, calatola, cohune palms, naval-spurges, lantern trees, laurelwood, lotus, mahoes, manchineel, moras, nutmeg, porcupine seeds, soapberries, tallownuts, walnuts and water hickory).
All photos courtesy of Nan Rhodes.
You can contact Nan at Sea-Beans from Exotic Lands
216 Seahearts
179 Brown Hamburgers
  85 Red Hamburgers
  50 Sea Purses
  61 Prickly Palm
  55 Starnuts
  17 Grey Nickarnuts
  14 Mary's Beans
  10 Brown Nickarnuts
    2 Brainfruit
    1 Oxyrynchus
    1 Mucuna Holtonii
    1 Thick-Banded Mucuna

Want more pictures?
Nan Rhodes has kindly shared her photos of "Sea-Beaning in Texas".

This was the wrack - it went on for miles and miles...

Left to right: Sam, Mike, and Cathy

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  • "Beach Beans" blog - by John Batchelder

  • Seeds and Fruits of the Texas Coast - provided by Texas A&M University, Galveston

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