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Sea-Beans of Costa Rica

The following seeds are from the Pacific Ocean (west) coast of Costa Rica.

Drift Seeds of Costa Rica
A variety of drift seeds from Playa Ostional, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
The #1 seed pod at the top is 254 mm (10 inches) long.

1. Cassia grandis, Carao, Stinking Toe,
Pink Shower Tree, or Coral Shower Tree

2. Pithecoctenium crucigerum - Monkey's Comb
3. Calatola costaricensis
4. Astrocaryum sp., Starnut
5. Walnut
6. Hymenaea courbaril, West Indian Locust
7. Walnut?
8. Pterocarpus officinalis, Bloodwood
9. Thevetia peruviana, Mexican Oleander
10. Terminalia chebula, Yellow or Chebulic Myrobalan
11. Entada gigas, Seaheart
12. Apeiba tibourbou or A. aspersa, Monkey Comb
14. Spondias mombin, Hogplum
17. palm seed... local name is "monkey face"

Playa Ostional  Playa Ostional  Playa Ostional
North end of Playa Ostional, northwestern Costa Rica
Nicoya Peninsula, Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Cassia grandis
Cassia grandis, Carao, Stinking Toe, Pink Shower Tree, or Coral Shower Tree
Seed pod No. 1, in the collage at the top of the page, is a fresher specimen.
The seeds and pods produce an offensive smell, hence the common name "Stinking Toe".

Pithecoctenium crucigerum - Monkey's Comb
The seed pod (left) is 156 mm long and the extracted, winged seed (right) is 66 mm long
More info at "Discover Life" website.

Unidentified No. 10
Length is 63 mm.; diameters are 41 mm and 29 mm.

Unidentified No. 14
Largest diameter is 24 mm; height is 21 mm.

Unidentified No. 15
Length is 15 mm and width is 13 mm.

Unidentified No. 18
Length is 45 mm (not including the stem)

Mora megistosperma
Mora megistosperma
Length:  140 mm (5.5 inches)
From Playa Ostional, on the Pacific coast of northwestern Costa Rica

Mora megistosperma, opposite "edge views"

Calatola sp.

Apeiba sp.

Dioclea spp.

Mucuna spp.

Pterocarpus sp.

Astrocaryum sp.

Top View Side View
Apeiba aspersa or Apeiba tiboubou Apeiba aspersa or Apeiba tiboubou
This Apeiba aspera (or possibly A. tibourbou), the Monkey Comb
Size:  2.5 inches across and 1.5 inches high.   Collected by, and photo by Mary Moon

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