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Sea-Beans of Benin, West Africa

Benin is a country in West Africa which has a border on the South Atlantic Ocean.
This page features drift seeds from Cotonou, a city on the coastline, adjacent to miles of beaches!

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Entada gigas Dioclea reflexa Mucuna holtonii ? Mucuna gigantea Caesalpinia bonduc Canavalia rosea ?
Photo:  ©Ruud van der Helm

Identification possibilities, listed by row number (top to bottom) and column number (left to right)
Names provided are possible IDs only.   Feedback and correction is welcome! Email me:
  Col. 1 Col. 2 Col. 3 Col. 4
Row 1 Entada gigas Dioclea sp. Dioclea reflexa ? Dioclea sp.
Row 2 Dioclea sp. Dioclea sp. Dioclea sp. Dioclea sp.
Row 3 Mucuna sp. Mucuna holtonii ? Mucuna sp. Mucuna gigantea ?
Row 4 ? ? Caesalpinia bonduc Canavalia sp. (rosea?)

Sea-Beans of Benin might be expected to be similar to those drift seeds also found in SE USA and throughout the Caribbean.

A map of the South Atlantic Ocean shows the North Brazil Current heading northward across the North Brazilian coast of South America.
This current splits to form the Caribbean Current heading through the Caribbean and toward the Southeastern USA,
AND also forms the the North Equatorial Counter Current heading eastward toward West Africa.
The equatorial current then forms the Guinea Current entering the Gulf of Guinea and across the beaches of Benin!

Photo: World Cruising Wiki


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