The following links are excellent sources of information and images on sea-beans,
their taxonmy, ecology, history and distribution patterns.

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Sea Bean Collectors
Post photos of sea-beans!
Post photos, contribute to the Sea-Bean discussions, etc.

Texas Sea-Beams
Texas Parks and Wildlife
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has provided a web page
of over a dozen Texas sea-bean photos and descriptions.

This page references a chapter in the following publication: Ilo Hiler; 1983 Sea-Beans. Young Naturalist.
The Louise Lindsey Merrick Texas Environment Series, No. 6, pp. 98-101. Texas A&M University Press, College Station.

Beachcombing Texas
Seeds and Fruits of the Texas Coast

This page supported by the Texas A&M University, Galveston

Travels with "Mr. Bean"
Travel the world vicariously with "Mr. Bean" through his photojournal!
Through a multitude of photos from around the world,
"Mr. Bean" shares his life experiences with all of us who haven't yet travelled with him!

Watch a slide show or view photos individually...   ya just gotta see them all!

Travels With "Mr. Seabean"
Izumi Hanno's cartoons, photos, and information on Seabeans
 Izumi's artistry, humor, photography and information about her travel with the rather talkative
"Mr. Seabean" (see "photo" at left).

Check out Izumi's and "Mr. Seabean's" travels to the 2002 Sea-Bean Symposium in Cocoa Beach, Florida (USA),
and a later trip to Iriomote and Ishigaki Islands in the Western Pacific.
Further seed-collecting adventures have encompassed 7 different countries!

Additionally "Travels with Mr. Seabean in Borneo" was published in The Drifting Seed Newsletter 11(1):2-3.

Japan Driftological Society
Sea-beans and other drift items in Japan
This web site reports on several seeds that are found in Japan. The text is mostly in Japanese, but has English dispersed throughout. If you know Japanese, great! If you don't, you can learn, and it's fun to see what results from clicking the links!

The Japan Driftological Society would like to help people exchange information on drifted objects from all perspectives.

The Japan Driftological Society is a venue for 21st-century study arising from “grass-roots” networking. Accordingly, rather than prescribing a framework for such diverse interests and studies, the Society aims to freely encompass all fields.

Wayne's Word Sea-Bean T-Shirt
A variety of Sea-Beans pictured on a great T-shirt!
Wayne Armstrong has a storefront on CafePress, with a great Sea-Bean T-shirt for sale, at a VERY reasonable price!
...and here's the T-shirt image with all of the seeds identified!

Wayne Armstrong is the creator of the great "Wayne's Word" website on Natural History.

See Wayne's other sea-bean links on this page!

Beachcomber's Alert
"Bachcomber's Alert" Newsletter, a discussion group, and links.
Beachcomber's Alert A place on the web where beachcombers from around the world obtain and exchange information about what's floating on the ocean and what's landing on the beaches.
A Production of the Beachcombers' and Oceanographers' International Association (B&OIA)

Elizabeth Tashjian, "The Nut Lady", 1913 - 2007
Founder of The Nut Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA
 Ms. Tashjian has been a guest on the Letterman show, Good Morning America,
CBS This Morning, and other high-profile media events.

  • Ms. Tashjian's website - Enjoy her thoughts and songs!

  • Nuts in the Limelight - 2004 exhibition of Nut Lady Elizabeth Tashjian

  • Nut Lady Dies
  • Sculptures of Sea-Beans !
    Sculptures of the Seaheart (Entada rhedeii) and its seed pod,
    a "Hamburger" bean (Mucuna sloanei), and
    a Grey Nickernut or Sea Pearl (Caesalpinia bolduc)
    Sea-bean Sculptures: Entada rheedei This is a page of some unique sculptures by French artist
    Severine Cadier Soltysiak.
    Of course, you'll want to browse the entire site as it contains some incredible sculptures of other plants, seeds, seedpods, etc.
    Sea-bean Sculptures: Mucuna sloanei

    Giant nut drawing blushed approval.   World's biggest seed gets crowds thinking.
    Sprouting a Coco de Mer ?
    Coco de Mer "The biggest and most salacious seed in all the world has come to the
    San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and no one can look at it without blushing."

    This article is from the San Francisco Chronicle, May 26, 2002.

    Amazing Lucky Sea Bean
    Additional Information on Sea-Beans
    Lucky Sea Bean This page provides information on growing sea-beans, other links to seabean sites,
    and also has sea-beans for sale (e.g., seahearts)
    for use in jewelry or sprouting.

    "Hamburger" Beans and Bat-Pollinated Mucuna Flowers
    Night-flying bats sip nectar from the flowers and pollinate the plants.
    Mucuna rostrata flowers
    © W.P. Armstrong, 2000
    Yet another great "Wayne's Word" page, full of information about several species of Mucuna.
    Also called hamburger beans, these seeds come in quite a variety. There are many species of Mucuna throughout tropical regions of the world. This Wayne's Word page shows you several of them, and includes images of their native habitat and seed pods.

    Sea Hearts!
    "Wayne's Word" Noteworthy Plant For May 1997
    Sea Hearts The Sea Bean (Entada gigas), known in Costa Rica as "escalera de mono" or "monkey ladder" is the legume with the world's longest seed pod which can reach lengths of six feet.

    International Legume Database & Information Service
    ILDIS The International Legume Database & Information Service (ILDIS) is an international project which aims to document and catalogue the world's legume species diversity in a readily accessible form.

    The Bean Bag
    A newsletter to promote communication among research scientists concerned with the systematics of the Leguminoseae/Fabaceae.
    The Bean Bag There are two sources for "The Bean Bag" newsletter:
    (1) via "Wayne Armstrong's: Wayne's Word" page, and (2) via Kew Gardens.

    Island Wari
    A board game played with Nickernuts, Caesalpinia spp.
    Island Wari Often referred to as Mancala and Ourri in Africa, and Sungka in the Philippines, the game is played on a rectangular board with a row of 6 cuplike depressions or wells on each side and a larger well at each end. Game rules and variations are included on this site. Download Mancala at ImageSoft and also at JSoft.

    See also: links to Mancala / Wari on this site's Games page

    Mary's Bean
    "Wayne's Word" site for Merremia discoidesperma; also called Crucifixion Bean
    Mary's Bean One of the most unique and unmistakable drift seeds, the Mary's Bean also has the greatest documented drift range of any sea-bean.

    Sea Hearts - www.seaheart.com
    A commercial site, with offices located in Montreal Canada
    Sea Hearts This site offers educational pages of the SeaHeart, Entada gigas
    and the "Legends of the Seaheart" pamphlet, as well as many SeaHeart products
    such as necklaces, talismans, key chains, and other Sea-Heart related gifts.

    The Sea-Beans of Canaveral National Seashore
    Canaveral National Seashore is located on the central east coast of Florida, USA
    Sea-Beans of Canaveral National Seashore This new site, initiated in October 1999, intends to list the sea-beans found in Canaveral National Seashore. The first article is on beans of the genus Dioclea, commonly called "Sea Purse". The site also has a " Sea Bean Coloring Page".

    Drift Seeds and Drift Fruits
    Another "Wayne's Word" site introducing Drift Seeds
    Drift Seeds and Fruits This site contains not only an introduction to drift seeds themselves, but also their ecology, distribution mechanisms, taxonomy, and ties to historical events and early seafaring explorers. An incredible amount and variety of information and data packed into one page.

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