This classic work, published in 1937 and neither matched nor surpassed to this day, is being reprinted in a limited edition. It will be a facsimile of the original, with a short biography and an index of plant names with current equivalents.

This work is far more than merely an account of the drift-seeds which wash up on South African shores, often after long sea journeys from the tropics. It deals with drift seeds collected on different beaches in South Africa, but also elsewhere in Africa and even Asia. It assesses the factors which enable these seeds to travel the oceans and survive, including suitable sea currents, buoyancy, the ability to survive lengthy immersion in salt water, and the capability to germinate and establish at or directly above the high water mark which is a very hostile habitat for many plant species. It is also an account of South Africa's littoral flora, including species of which the seeds land in the ocean and get washed up on the shore without relying on this method of dispersal. It contains photographs of the commonest drift-seeds, as well as some of the shore plants bearing drift-seeds.

There is a Soft-cover as well as an Special Hard-cover subscribers' edition. The names of all subscribers whose names and cheques were received before 20 January 2004, appear in the Special Hard-cover edition..

Publication is 108 + xix pages, plus 16 pages of photos and 1 map.

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