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The "SEABEAN-L" listserv® mailing list was established on May 25, 2002. The first "official" post to the list was June 2nd, 2002.
The list is now made available worldwide to those who are interested in open communication about sea-beans. Post your questions, ideas, knowledge, discoveries, etc. to "the list" so that others may help you, you may help others, and all will benefit, learn, and simply enjoy the discussions.

What's a Listserv?
"Listserv"® is a registered trademark for a "mailing list" system that permits people to send one email which gets distributed automatically to many other people with similar interests. We are using a system developed in 1986 by L-Soft, and provided to us (for free!) by the University of Florida, in Gainesville.

How does it work?
You subscribe to the SEABEAN-L mailing list (commonly called "the list"); you then compose ONE email and send it to ONE address...   "the list" address. The system then takes that email and distributes it to all other people that have subscribed to the list! That could be 2 other people...   could be 1,000! Other members of "the list" do the same thing, and you (and all other members) receive their email. Post a question to the list, and one person or several may answer! Voila!!!...   communication!!!

YOU are in control:
YOU decide when to "subscribe".

YOU decide when to "signoff" (i.e., UNsubscribe or remove yourself from the list).

There are THREE email addresses to use:
(a) one to send subscription and account management COMMANDS to the list server (computer)


(b) one to send COMMUNICATION EMAIL to other members of the SEABEAN-L list

(c) one to send email to the list owner, to report problems, etc.

How do you SUBSCRIBE?
(a) Compose an email COMMAND to the listserv at   LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU
(b) in the body/text portion of the email, enter the text (command):

SUBSCRIBE  SEABEAN-L  yourfirstname  yourlastname
    Of course, replacing yourfirstname with your first name and yourlastname with your last name.
    Note that what is in the subject line doesn't matter, and it can be left blank.
(c) You will then receive a confirmation email from the server, providing further instructions to complete the process (this keeps other people who know your name and email from signing you up!).

How do you send email to list members?
After subscribing...
(a) Compose an email to the SEABEAN-L list membership at   SEABEAN-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU
(b) add the appropriate subject to the subject line
(c) type your message in the body of the email
(d) click: send!

Your email will be sent to ALL members of the list, including yourself (to confirm to you that it was sent). The subject will automatically be altered by the system by PREpending  [SB]  to the subject. This helps you know that the mail you've received was really from SEABEAN-L listserv; perhaps you can use this feature to better control/filter your incoming mail...   well, perhaps at least SEABEAN-L mail!

How many members are subscribed?
Simply visit the website: List archives at LISTS.UFL.EDU and scroll down to SEABEAN-L
That web page is not updated immediately. Thus, if you subscribe, you may not be counted on that page for a few hours.


(a) Compose an email COMMAND to the listserv at   LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU
(b) in the body/text portion of the email, enter the text (command):

    Note that what's in the subject line doesn't matter, and can be left blank.
(c) click: send! You will receive email from the server with the information.

Normally, you would also receive a list of members and their email addresses. For your protection, this info is suppressed and hidden from members! This helps prevent an email "spammer" from joining the list, getting a list of all your email addresses, and mass-mailing email that you didn't request.

Are past messages available?
YES! Just point your web browser to SEABEAN-L Archives
All postings to the list are archived for future reference. More than that, they're searchable! You MUST be a subscriber to the list in order to view the archives (this helps to keep email address hunters at bay!). To access the archives, you'll be prompted for the email address you subscribed with plus a password of your choice. Soon after subscribing, you should visit the archives and set your password.

Will I be swamped with Sea-Bean email?
This is unlikely. Since its creation in June 2002, the listserve has averaged about 16 postings per month, with a high count of 78 posts in one month, and counts as low as 0 per month. A Postings Table is provided that shows the number of posts per month since the listserve began (to when I last updated it!).

How do you SIGNOFF? (i.e., UNsubscribe)
(a) Compose an email COMMAND to the listserv at   LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU
(b) in the body/text portion of the email, enter the text (command):

    Note that what is in the subject line doesn't matter, and it can be left blank.
    Note also that you don't need to add your name... it knows! (actually, it captures your email address)
(c) click: send! You'll be removed from "the list".
    You'll receive a single confirmation email from the mail server, but email from the SEABEAN-L membership list will cease.

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