In Memory of Charles R. "Bob" Gunn
June 1, 1927  to  Sep. 26, 2015

1976 Edition
Bob Gunn and John V. Dennis co-wrote the
"World Guide to Tropical Drift Seeds and Fruits"

1999 Reprint

Some Notes and Publications
See also, many publications via Google listings
1968Gunn, C.R. 1968. Stranded seeds and fruits from the southeastern shore of Florida. Garden Journal 18:43-54.
1971Gunn, C.R. and J.V Dennis. 1971. Ocean Journeys by mangrove seedlings. Shore and Beach 39(2):19-22.
1972Gunn, C.R. and J.V. Dennis. 1972. Stranded Tropical Seeds and Fruits Collected from Carolina Beaches. Castanea 37(3):195-200.
1973Gunn, C.R. and J.V. Dennis. 1973. Tropical and Temperate Stranded Seeds and Fruits From the Gulf of Mexico. Contr. Marine Science 17:111-121.
1976Gunn, C.R. and J.V. Dennis. 1976. World Guide to Tropical Drift Seeds and Fruits. Quadrangle/New York Times Book Co., New York.
1977Gunn, C.R. 1977. Merremia discoidesperma: Its Taxonomy and Capacity of Its Seeds for Ocean Drifting. Economic Botany 31:237-252.
1978Bob participated in the First International Legume Conference at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
1983Gunn, C.R. 1983. A nomenclator of Legume genera. U.S. Dept. Agriculture Tech. Bull. No. 1680; 224 pp. (on Google Books)
1995Bob Gunn and Cathie Katz were co-editors of the first issue (Vol. 1, No. 1) of The Drifting Seed Newsletter
1995Gunn, R. 1995. Robert (Bob) Mossman, 'Jack Beans'. Drifting Seed Newsletter 1(1):5-7
1999Gunn, R. 1999. A journal article by Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773): Bishop of Dornthiem [Trondhiem], Norway and Botanist.
The Drifting Seed Newsletter, 5(1):4-5;     5(2):4-5;     5(3):5-6.   [this article published in three parts]
2000Gunn, R. 2000. Journey of Tropical drift disseminules from the Neotropics to their ultimate fate. The Drifting Seed 6(1):3.
2000Bob attended the 5th Annual Sea-Bean Symposium
2003Kirkbride, J.H., C.R. Gunn, and A.L. Weitzman. 2003. Fruits and Seeds of Genera in the Subfamily Faboideae (Fabaceae).
U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Tech. Bull. 1890; Volume I. pp. 1-635 and Volume II. pp. 6356-1208. [Abstract]

Bob's obituary, as it appeared in the Asheville [North Carolina, USA] Citizen-Times, on Sept. 28, 2015,
and presented as below on www.Legacy.com

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